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Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

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February 22, 2019

【Canada Intra-company Transferee Work Permit】Re-Captured time

Does the time I am not working in Canada count towards the duration of my Work Permit?

  • Normally, the duration of the Intra-company Transferee Work Permit will be used to calculate the maximum 5- or 7-years time limit. However, documented time spent not working—either inside or outside Canada—during the duration of the Work Permit can be “recaptured” to allow the intra-company transferee 5 or 7 full years of physical presence in Canada.
  • Provide proof of absence from Canada
    For example, letter from employer, e-tickets and passport stamps, date of entering and removing residential registration for some countries and chart for your dates outside of Canada.

Note: Recapture will not be permitted for any time periods of less than one month or for events that are generally anticipated throughout the duration of a Work Permit, such as vacation or weekends.

If I used up the Work Permit limit?

After working in Canada for the maximum period of 5 or 7 years depending on your position, if you work full-time at an affiliate outside of Canada for more than a year, you can reset the time and apply again for the Intra-company Transferee Work Permit.

Working in an affiliate outside of Canada during the 5 or 7 years

If you work for an affiliate company outside Canada over a year or more, the period of 5 or 7 years will be reset.
For example, if you work for 2 years in Canada with a professional position, and work for 2 years at a parent company in Australia, then return to a Canadian company, you may apply for a 5-year Work Permit (first 3 years + extended 2 years) again.

Recaptured time in IRCC website:


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