DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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Benefits you get for hiring an Immigration Consultant

Differences between hiring a Lawyer

So now you may be wondering, ‘which one should I hire in order to go through an easier process?”

All Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that are members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (“CICC”) hold National Qualification and are adept in the field of Immigration. We not only have the latest knowledge of the Immigration law but also can provide legal advice based on precedent to meet clients’ objectives.  I, a Regulated Immigration Consultant from a major law firm who has extensive experience helping over 1000 corporate and individual clients to come to Canada.

I can summarize your important information in an organized manner so that you can go through an easier process when it comes to dealing with immigration offices and affiliates. On the other hand, there are lawyers who cover all type of laws and are not necessary an Immigration Specialist.  It’s very important to know what exactly the service you need is so that you can look for consultants/lawyers with expertise in that particular subject matter.

If you choose to hire a lawyer, it is recommended that you check whether or not they’re familiar with that immigration matter by checking how many cases they have handled in that field prior to yours.

How to grasp latest information from Membership of Professional Institution network

In between Immigration Consultants, there is its own information network. In the Immigration Consultants Membership of Professional Institution, CICC, it is mandatory in order to keep qualifications to have a 16 hour long Continuing Professional Development Seminar each year. Due to the fact that dedicated email magazines can only be delivered to members and they have access to the email tool that can be used to exchange information it will not be delivered to the general public. The general public will only have access to the most recent information of the Immigration Law.

Become familiar with potential loopholes and decrease the risks of having your application refused.

When it comes to an experienced Immigration Consultant, we are very familiar with the insidious errors that may be in your documents and we have dealt with many documents that could be refused by the Immigration office. Because of this we can greatly decrease your risks of having your next application refused. You will be able to make an effective use of your time for those who wish to obtain their visa as quickly as possible.

Leave the correspondence between the government and you to us while your application is being processed

Once you submit your application, let your Immigration Consultant continue to be your representative to assist you with the correspondence between you and the government. Many clients have difficulties corresponding in English with the government. They also end up worrying because of how long the processing time is. With an Immigration Consultant by your side the whole process can go a lot smoother. You can also track the status of your application. Also, if any errors occur during the process, your Immigration consultant will deal with it in the wink of an eye and will provide you with useful advice on how to prevent it from being terminated.

Let us review your documents before submitting your application

For clients who are proficient in English and who can comprehend the Immigration rules outlined by the Immigration office, and are able to fill out the application by themselves won’t necessarily require an Immigration Consultant.  YuPass Canada offers courses to assist clients in the group only with the parts they require assistance in. We will prepare a personalized cost effective plan for those clients. We will also review the documents that the clients filled out and make it as close to 100% as possible before submitting it to the Immigration office. Assistance also offered for clients with qualification issues

More complex situation?

Please feel free to refer to an ICCRC Immigration Consultant for clients with medical issues, minor criminal records and those who have been refused previously. Based on how much support you need from your Immigration Consultant; an Immigration Consultant may also be able to cooperate with a certified lawyer. For instance, clients with a minor criminal record may get advice from a Criminal Lawyer in order to increase their chances of having their visa approved.

As with all the above, please use our services according to your goal, time and budget up until you obtain your visa and reach your goal. Using our services, let’s get one step closer quickly and effectively towards your ultimate goal in Canada!

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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