DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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The best contribution that I can offer to you is to provide support to help you obtain your Canadian Visa or Permit.


I am the Managing Director of YuPass Canada Immigration Inc and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, who is officially recognized by the government of Canada. I am also a member of CAPIC (Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants). Before I get the chance to meet you, please let me introduce a little more about myself.

Kawagoe, Saitama, is a half hour train ride from Tokyo and with many old architectures along the streets called Koedo, which literally means Small Edo – a very famous tourist destination. This is the place where I grew up. I was raised in a family of 5 along with 2 younger sisters. My family is opened-minded and welcomed many visitors including foreigners. When I was in junior high school, I remember my English teacher taught us to sing the Beatles songs, which started my interest in foreign cultures.

I majored in law at the Asia University in Tokyo. During my second year in University I studied at the University of Washington in Ellensburg, Washington State, USA. That was my very first experience living in a foreign country.

After graduation, I started my first full time job at a major tourism company called Kinki Nippon Tourist, Club Tourism. I was then assigned to the Canadian Division of this company.
I was given many travel opportunities to visit 25 countries including Canada during my 4 years’ tenure at the company.   During that period of time, I planned and led multiple tours to come to Canada, thus giving me the chance to see many beautiful places including the colorful maple leaves in eastern Canada, and breathtaking Northern lights in the Yellow Knife and Fort McMurray.  These experiences had changed my expectations and values I originally had in Japan.

Life in a busy, urban area doesn’t necessarily bring happiness to me. Time flows slower in Canada compared to Japan.  Canada welcomes people from all over the world. People are more relaxed in terms of time.

In 2003, I immigrated to Canada as a Permanent Resident alone without any friends, family and job. During my first 3 months here in Canada I found it wasn’t what I thought it would be. My savings was getting lower and lower each day. I also had trouble finding a job. As a result, I was starting to lose hope. However, after 4 hectic months I finally landed in a job as an Assistant for an Immigration Consultant.

“I want to help those who are in the same situation I was in before!”
That was what motivated me to start aiming to take a national examination to be come a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

There were many obstacles along the way when I applied for my Permanent Residence Visa

In year 2000, 3 years prior to coming to Vancouver, during when I was still in the tourism industry, I got the opportunity to travel to many places in Canada and experienced what Canada has offered.

I came in Canada with a Working Holiday Work Permit, and lived in Mississauga, Ontario. I was amazed at how beautiful and exhilarating Canada is. The positive impression I have for Canada has given me the idea that one day I would love to immigrate to such a beautiful place. Thus, I decided to seek a professional advice on how to realize my dream. I could still remember she said in a stern, business-like manner to me that it would cost C$10,000 for my Permanent Residency case. That’s my entire saving at that time! I decided not to proceed with hiring a professional. I had no clue where to start and how to go through the process of filling out endless documents with terms that I couldn’t understand due to my limited proficiency in English. Luckily, I had a friend who helped me, but the entire process involved a lot of efforts and researches.

I want to help those like me

img_3798Upon finding my vocation to be an Immigration Consultant, I graduated from the Immigration Practitioner program at University of British Columbia in 2005.  In 2007, I started to work at Davis LLP, a very well-known law firm that was established since 1892.  In 2009, I passed the full exam of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.  In 2015, Davis LLP was integrated to the world’s largest major law firm DLA Piper (Canada) LLP.

During that time, I’ve gained extensive expertise in areas of Work Permit application for Intra-company Transferees for many major International Companies and the process of applying for Permanent Residence visa for corporate and individual clients.

My dream is to help those who are in similar situation like I was before who want to come to Canada. That dream has become my main driving force to pursue a career in the field of immigration. DLA Piper, a major law firm with over 100 branches including related companies in over 55 countries was where I worked and gained experience. I had assisted over 1,000 corporate and individual clients, with high rate of success, to obtain their permits and visas to come to Canada. Each case has its own unique situations, and so does it immigration applications. Over the years, I have accumulated countless of valuable experiences to help my clients successfully coming to Canada.

17 years’ worth of immigration experience offered to you with first-class service.

I founded YuPass Canada Immigration Inc. in 2016 with the intention to help people who have a dream of coming to Canada.

YuPass Canada offers the DIY online support – reference to the IRCC website, application forms, how to write your cover letter, detailed explanations and other teaching materials are all included for free in this course. If you follow my step-by-step points using the DIY online support, you’ll be able to do it yourself. Clients who found certain contents difficult to understand are free to review the guidance as many times as they wish with the materials.

Depending on which Canada Visa category you select, the method of applying differs for Work Permits, Work Holiday Work Permits and Permanent Residency visas. I’ll send you an easy to understand step-by-step guidance along with the latest information so you can apply for the Canadian visa/permit you needs yourself. However, you may be skeptical about how it might turn out during the application process or have other minor concerns lingering around. Be assured that individual advice service and final review of the documents before submission included for all clients with any type of concerns.

I provide you with top quality service based on my 17 years of experience and expertise as an Immigration Consultant.

You can restart your life at any age in Canada, just as I did.  Many people have helped me in the past to get to where I am today.  Therefore, my mission is to provide help for those of you who wish to come to Canada and to realize your dream.

I truly support you and believe success is within your reach.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Yumi Ueda

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