DIY Online video support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

DIY Online video support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

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Do you think Applying for a Visa/Permit in Canada is expensive?

DIY online Video, The smart way of processing applications with affordable price.

If you find the process for a Canadian Immigration application a headache, then you’ve come to the right place.

Starting from CAD$550 Study Permit and Work Permit
From CAD$950- Permanent Residence visa

YuPass Canada Immigration Inc. is founded with the intention to help people who have a dream of coming to Canada with an affordable Immigration service fee.
The complicated process made into a straightforward explanation and made it easy once you follow step-by-step online educational video. It helps you take one step forward and head one step closer towards your goal that you wish to achieve in Canada.

Previous experience to assist over 1,000 customers from 27 countries


Regulated Canadian
Immigration Consultant

Yumi Ueda

Online Educational Video is your key to understand the whole Canadian Immigration Application process

  • Able to correspond with both corporate and individual clients to obtain permits and visas.
  • Flexible to accommodate customers’ time frame, budgets and capabilities.
  • Able to assist you through the Internet who live in places where access to Immigration consultants is limited.
  • Offer expert advice based on 12 years of experiences helping corporate and individual to come to Canada.

Do you have any questions/ concerns about the following?

Do you want to increase your chance of applying
successfully for Permanent Residence visa?

Do you want to prepare an application by yourself and
only wish to ask about parts of it that you don't know?

Are you concern that you don’t have enough time to read
through and understand all the immigration manual?

Do you plan to start a career in Canada on a set date and
would like to be sure to obtain a Work Permit by such time?

Are you unable to afford hiring an expensive
immigration lawyer or consultant?

Do you find applying for Visa/Permit online
confusing and require additional assistance?

Get the online educational video! 3 simple steps to successfully obtaining your Canadian Immigration Permit/Visa

Step1Choose the support plan that suites your needs and budget

Your Immigration Consultant will prevent you from falling into any potential catches by offering you the following 3 plans listed below. Please select one of the three.

Silver course A
Most economical!

  • Online educational video and preparation materials for your application
  • Consultation (45 minutes)

*I’ll also answer any concerns you have regarding the application

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Gold course B
Most popular and secure!

  • Online educational video and materials in preparation for your application
  • Consultation (10hours)
  • Review of all your documents
    Advice on what to do prior to completion of your documents
    Support from when you submit your application to when you received the result
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Platinum course C
All done by your Immigration Consultant

  • This course is for those of you who would like to leave everything to your Immigration Consultant,
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※You only have to pay the difference if you choose to upgrade from either plan A-B or B-C

Step2Next, you'll take a look at the Online educational videos that include a manual on how to fill your application forms and write your support letters.

Additional bonus included in this Online Educational videos covers where to look on the IRCC websites, application forms, how to write your support letters and other detailed explanations are included free of charge. Depending on the Canada Visa category you selected, the application form and the method of applying will differ for Work Permit, Business visitor, Work Holiday visa and Study Permit etc. A straightforward Online educational video will be sent to you with all the most up-to-date information.

Online educational videos include the following contents. (There might be a slight difference depending on the category you apply for)

Step3Secure follow up system

In case you get into an unfortunate scenario in which you've purchased our services and your application gets rejected, you'll receive a free assessment of what might have went wrong. In addition, you'll also be consulted on how you can correct the things that went wrong on your previous application. If your case still qualifies under the Immigration requirements, then leave it all to us. You'll get a 50% rebate on our C course package and we will take care of the whole process.

Client Review

Ms. S. T. / Resident in Toronto, ON
Applied for Work Permit - International Experience Class Young Professional

Extremely Professional service on my IEC work permit application

I had the great pleasure to work with Yumi regarding my immigration status.  Yumi is extremely professional and has provided me with all the help I needed.  I would recommend anyone who need helps with their visas or reestablish their status.  Yumi is the one you need.

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