DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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Extensive experiences that I gained from working with an internationally recognized major law firm has given me the ability to provide the same work quality, secure and trustworthy services like a big law firm.
  • Offer expert advice based on my 17 years of experiences helping corporate and individual to come to Canada.
  • Experience in assisting over 1,000 customers from 28 countries
  • Experience in assisting clients from various companies across wide range of industries
  • Specialize in helping corporate clients to get Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit fast and reliably.
  • Able to assist you through the Internet who live in places where access to Immigration consultants is limited.
  • Able to correspond to both corporate and individual clients to obtain permits and visas.
  • Very high success rate.
  • Flexible to accommodate customers’ time frame, budgets and capabilities.

T.A. / Japan
Reapplying Study Permit

【After a previous unsuccessful application, success in reapplying for a Study Permit through YuPass Canada】

Thank you very much for the wonderful news we received.

We found ourselves at a crossroads in life one day, facing a situation that we and our family couldn’t handle alone. However, thanks to the efforts of everyone at YuPass Canada, we received a new hope in the form of approval in a surprisingly short period of time. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.

We will personally inform and express our gratitude to each and every one of you who has been involved in this matter. Our son is scheduled to return to school starting from the summer semester in May.

This experience has been a valuable lesson in life, and above all, it has provided us with numerous precious connections, especially with everyone at YuPass Canada. It has been a valuable opportunity to truly appreciate the meaning and preciousness of encounters and connections.

Perhaps this experience was necessary for our son’s life right now. Surely, it will bring great significance and color to his future life.

We sincerely thank you for restoring our son’s life, who had hoped to at least graduate from university.

We may still need your help in the future, but for now, we ask for your continued support for both us and our son.

With heartfelt gratitude…

Y.U./ Toronto, Canada
Work Permit under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

【YuPass Canada is a professional agent who can be trusted with personal and corporate matters alike】

We requested assistance with applying for Work Permit for a joint research project between our company and the university in Toronto. Throughout the process, which involved complex visa matters intertwined with the university’s schedule, YuPass Canada was extremely helpful, maintaining direct communication with all parties involved. There were no delays or issues, and the Work Permit application was smoothly approved, providing a truly satisfactory service. We felt confident in requesting their assistance again for the Work Permit extension. We are sincerely grateful for your service.

If there are any future visa-related matters in Canada, whether for acquaintances or business, we would definitely seek your help again.

YuPass Canada is a professional agent who can be trusted with personal and corporate matters alike.

Mr. M. S./India
Work Permit

【I strongly recommend YuPass’ services for Canada Visa/ Work Permit】

I have known Yumi for more than three years. She had assisted us for the Intra-company Transferee Work Permits and Temporary Resident Visas.

She is honest, straight forward and never gave us a false hope. She has an exceptional knowledge on how the process works and I am impressed with her documentation, the way it is stitched and presented.

I strongly recommend her services for Canada Visa/ Work Permit, all you need to do is submit the relevant documents and stay relaxed, she will ensure the approval is on its way!

Ms. K.K. / Japan
Application for Permanent Residence

【I was able to submit my application in a satisfactory manner after thorough explanations of all the details and questions I had.】

I consulted with Yumi regarding my application for permanent residence in Canada and renewal of my PR card.

During my permanent residency application, I was able to discuss not only matters related to obtaining a visa but also share information about life in Canada. This allowed me to feel at ease and seek guidance regarding various aspects of living in the country.

I chose the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) course, but I had several specific details and questions that I consulted through email. Thanks to that, I was able to submit my application in a satisfactory manner that I was comfortable with.

I’m glad that I had someone like Yumi to help me throughout the visa application process. Having someone to consult with on specific details beyond what I could gather on my own made the process much smoother. I really appreciate Yumi’s guidance and support!

N. T./Hyogo, Japan 
Study Permit

【Impressed by prompt and professional response and warm words of support for my anxious feelings!】

I have had experience applying for visas for other countries for my daughter to study abroad, but I had no idea that a Canadian Study Permit would take so long.  The IRCC website shows standard Study Permit application processing time from outside Canada is 12 weeks, and the college counsellor of my daughter’s high school said that it wouldn’t take that long.  So, although my daughter received an offer from the university early in February, I waited to apply until she had made her final decision and ended up applying on our own two months before the university started.

A month and a half after I submitted her application, there was no update, and both my daughter and I were getting anxious.  Unbelievably, we received a message from the university recommending that if we could not enter Canada by mid-September, she should postpone the start date to January of the following year.  I heard that it has been taking a long time to get a Study Permit approved this year, so I contacted several consultants in great haste.

Most of them did not offer services to help us during the process.  When I was about to start applying for a student visa for my daughter to switch enrolling to a British university where she was also accepted, I contacted YuPass Canada Immigration and received a very timely phone call from Ms. Ueda.  She was accommodating to our situation and told me the steps we needed to take very openly and clearly, saying, “Let’s follow up together”.  After that, she responded surprisingly quickly, and we could tell she was trying to be there for us and save us as much time as possible.

Coincidently, we received an approval shortly after without follow up.  Although I no longer had the opportunity to receive direct assistance from Ms. Ueda, she helped me a great deal mentally.  I have no doubt that if I had asked for professional support from the beginning, I would have felt much safer and had more time to prepare without panic.

This experience has taught me the importance of seeking professional advice and assistance to face the volatility of immigration situation due to the Covid and other factors.  Fortunately, my daughter could travel to Canada in time to start university.  Still, I think it is not so easy to find a consultant who is happy for the approval in this special situation and who will stay with you until the end of your journey.

I would definitely ask for YuPass Canada Immigration next time when I have the opportunity.  Thank you so much!

H.U. / Vancouver Island, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence

【Very attentive and trusting service】

We just wanted to share a quick note to express that my partner and I are glad that we decided to work with YuPass Canada. We appreciate how professional, flexible and responsive Yumi-san is!  We never had any problem at all from the beginning to the end. Throughout the process, we felt very cared for and her communication was speedy, consistent and promising.

My PR application got approved within the time frame that she estimated for us at the very beginning despite the pandemic situation. Something tells us that she  knows well about the IRCC.

We probably could have done it by ourselves, but we are VERY happy with our decision because we saved so much time and energy that we would have been spending on jumping the legal hoops and loops. Her work simplifies the application process and provides you mental freedom by a lot – I mean, A LOT!

Thank you, Yumi-san!

M.H. /Vancouver Island, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence

【Thank you so much for your help, Ms. Ueda. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you】

I came to Canada in 2015 to accompany my children to study abroad. But then, I decided to immigrate to spend the rest of my life living in a rural area with my dog and cat.

To tell you the truth, I got helped by several other immigration consultants before I came to Canada.  Later, I got a Student Permit, Visitor Record extension, and Work Permit with help from that immigration consultant (who was a very well-known consultant as far as I know). However, I started to doubt the consultant when applying for my Work Permit regarding the way of communication (everything was business-like).  I was concerned that I might not be able to obtain the Permanent Resident if I kept asking for her service.  Then I found Ms. Ueda after a long search.

Since then, I have worked with Ms. Ueda for a long time, and she has supported me in applying Student Permit, LMIA and Work Permit extension, and Permanent Residence.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for her kindness and passionate support.

As I have experience applying for Work Permit with other consultants, I know how careful and accurate Ms. Ueda’s work. Her cover letters target the right points.  She always understood every little nuance of my thoughts and feelings.

Ms. Ueda always encouraged me even when I worried about the difficulty of immigrating after 50 years old.  I thought even if I could not immigrate, I would still be grateful to her for doing her best, and I knew I could smile in the end.

I had planned to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program with the support of my husband’s employer. However, the particular position was suspended under the program because of COVID-19 outbreak.

Ms. Ueda advised me to arrange for the Express Entry just in case when I was about to lose my heart.

That being said, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many invitations were issued, and finally, we got one!

We were able to complete the entire process in three months and received our PR Cards five months later.  Thanks to Ms. Ueda’s advice, my decision was changed from “I can’t do it because of COVID-19” to “I could immigrate because of COVID-19”.

I am sad that I will no longer communicate with Ms. Ueda since all my immigration work has been completed.

I will spend my life in Canada to thank Ms. Ueda for her positive and accurate support.  I look forward to seeing her again.

Ms. Ueda is the No. 1 consultant I would recommend to anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada.

She is the one who taught me never to give up and keep going.

I want to thank her again from the bottom of my heart. Furthermore, I wish Ms. Ueda a bright and shining future.

S.M. /Vancouver, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence (DIY Course)

【Excellent support, just as I expected from when I first talked to her to the end, with prompt and detailed answers to my many questions】

The first time I had a Skype meeting with Ms. Ueda, I was impressed by her polite answers to my questions and her kind personality, so I decided to ask for my support of obtaining a Permanent Residence.

For about two years until I obtained my PR, I tend worry easily, so I felt like I would lose my mind. Finally, I asked her to change from the DIY Course to the Reliable Full service, which offers more support with a higher price.

At that time, Ms. Ueda told me that she would continue supporting me anytime I had any concerns and share with her, even if I stayed in the DIY Course, and I felt very supported by her words.

She always answered my many questions one by one politely and promptly, and I received the same excellent support from when I first talked to her to the end.

Thanks to Ms. Ueda’s accurate advice, I successfully obtained my Permanent Residence without any significant problems.

I am pleased that Ms. Ueda supported me in my big goal of obtaining PR.

Thank you very much.  I sincerely wish Ms. Ueda the best.

M.T. /Vancouver, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence (Reliable Full Service course)

I was able to obtain my permanent residence in a surprisingly short time by YuPass support with the best and most accurate answers at all times.

I met Yumi a few years ago through my friend (who is also a former client of Yumi) and consulted with her about obtaining permanent residence. She always tried to find the best and most accurate answers for me. That was the most significant deciding factor to choose YuPass. I could trust her and felt very comfortable.

My permanent residence process was as follows: working holiday, college, employment at a local company, support from the company to obtain a Work Permit, and then permanent residence. My application category for permanent residence was Express Entry ‐ Canadian Experience class.

I chose “Reliable Full Service” plan. Every time Yumi prepared the application documents, we went over them together. So, I could understand how we prepared all documents and sent them to the immigration office. So, I trusted her and felt secure working with her.

After I applied, I was granted permanent residence in a surprisingly short period. I am pleased with Yumi’s work from the beginning to the end, and I am glad that I asked her for help.

I would recommend YuPass to anyone who is thinking about applying for a visa.

Thank you very much

K.N. / Toronto, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence (DIY Course)

YuPass helped me solve my problem at a Godlike speed!

While I was in Canada on a Working Holiday Work Permit, I met a local woman. I married her straight away, so I decided to immigrate to Canada on a sponsorship basis.

When I applied for PR, I thought I could do it by myself without spending a lot of money. However, I didn’t know where to start, and my English was not good enough to finish it. Moreover, my Work Permit was about to expire, so I decided to ask for help from a professional.

I decided to choose YuPass because when I spoke with Ms. Ueda at the first counselling session, she listened to me very patiently and carefully answered all my questions.

I chose the DIY course. I didn’t have a computer at the time, so YuPass was very helpful in filling out the form for me. Also, when I had my medical check, I had a slight problem with the update my documents, but YuPass was able to assist me in speedily solving the problem, and getting my PR was very fast.

As I mentioned earlier, I used the DIY course this time.  I should have taken the full-service course from the beginning. Then I would have saved more time and relieved my anxiety.  When I did it by myself, I still doubted whether I was on the right track, etc.  It took longer for mailing, and even longer due to the COVID-19 in the process, thus adding to my anxiety.

However, I was able to get the PR safely. So I am very grateful to YuPass for that.

Thank you very much for your help, YuPass.

Y.I. / Toronto, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence (DIY Course)

Thanks to Ms. Ueda for her hands-on support and her faithful work!

Thanks to Ms. Ueda for her hands-on support and her faithful work!

I came to Canada five years ago, studied at a college, worked at a Canadian company, and successfully obtained permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class program.

Why did I go to the visa consulting company in Montreal even though I live in Toronto?  I chose YuPass Canada Immigration Inc. for my visa support because of Ms. Ueda’s flexibility in scheduling the initial consultation. There are many visa consulting companies in Toronto. Still, they all said that the initial consultation was only for those who could come during their office hours, which was not convenient for me as I had just started working full-time at that time.  I had an online video call with Ms. Ueda at eight in the morning!  I was confident that I would rely on her to help me find my way to get a permanent residence.  It took 2.5 years to get the permanent residence which includes learning English, waiting for the Express Entry draw, and going through the actual application procedure.  I can’t thank Ms. Ueda enough for her sincere work!

Many people may be trying to apply for permanent residence by themselves or hiring an Asian consulting company for a cheap support fee. First, however, I would like you to understand the risks involved.  I have worked for a study abroad agency and was confident that I was more familiar with the general Canadian visa application process than others.  However, there is not much accurate information about permanent residence applications posted on general websites, and IRCC’s website is not very  detailed, so I had many questions.  Especially since the Covid-19 travel restrictions this time, I heard from many of my friends seeking permanent residence that their applications were rejected immediately because of one incomplete document.

Before submitting the documents, Ms. Ueda carefully checked all the documents and answered my questions each time, and gave me accurate advice with evidence to support my numerous questions. It was very reassuring to have an expert to take care of me consistently. In addition, it is the best way to get instructions from a Japanese consultant on how to prepare documents  specific for Japanese people ( such as a non-criminal certificate from Japan, and for more complicated matters, including Japanese residential address and company name).

It is very frustrating that the situation of applying for permanent residence changes from time to time.  Since I studied at a college after I turned 30 years old, my age made things difficult for me as I did not gain much age point. In addition, last year, when I started applying for permanent residence, I found out that there were no more draws for people with my score, and I had to struggle for about six months. Despite the times when I felt like I was about to give up, Ms. Ueda gave me gentle encouragement. She consulted with me every time about the possibility of obtaining permanent residence.  After I received the Invitation to Apply for Express Entry and applied for permanent residence, I received a positive result in less than three months!

Once I obtained my permanent residence, the game is on! From now on, I will do my best in my work and personal life to make myself better integrate into Canadian society. Thanks to Ms. Ueda’s sincere and detailed support, I made this opportunity a reality. Thank you very much.


Ms. K.I. / Vancouver, Canada
Application for Permanent Residence

How meticulous consultation it was for my Permanent Residence application!

Ms. Ueda

Thank you very much for the meeting today.

Your explanation of how to immigrate to Canada was very clear and motivating.

In addition, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in spite of my noisy background in the daycare center.

Thank you also for the English materials.

I will study hard so that I can report good results!

Thank you again for your continued support.

Ms. N.Y. / Toronto, Canada
Support for Permanent Residence strategy and additional document

Yumi helped me when I was in trouble submitting additional documents. As a result, my Permanent Residence application was approved!

Dear Yumi,

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice with my urgent support request. My application for permanent residence was approved at the end of last month.

I felt supported when I received advice from you.  While submitting the additional documents, I shared my concerns to you, including the old and new versions of the application form. I could not manage to arrange a signature on the new version.  Yumi helped me on how to explain it to the immigration office. As a result, it was approved. I am now finally relieved.

I just wanted to express my gratitude by sending you this email. So again, Thank You very much for your generous help.


Mr. S.K. / Resident in North Vancouver, Canada
Applied for Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit and Spousal Open Work Permit

Excellent support with maximum consideration of risk

What made me decide to ask Ms. Ueda for my application was that she was the most professional and experienced among many immigration consultants.  She loves Canada and is working on it as her mission.  In fact, I was approved in 1.5 months after applying even though we are in a pandemic and my job is not an Essential Service.  My wife and I were able to obtain work permit visas.

The year 2020 was a once-in-a-century year when the border was closed due to the COVID 19.  She always suggested the best choice and schedule for us. There is no doubt that we will ask her to help us, who helps her clients in good faith.  I want to enjoy my life in Canada with my family and contribute to Canada.

The following is the information about entering Canada under the COVID 19 restrictions.

I was originally scheduled to arrive in Vancouver by ANA flight on February 22, 2021. However, it seemed to be that I would be required to do a quarantine for up to 3 days and PCR test that would start on February 22, so with Ms. Ueda’s suggestion, I changed my flight date to February 21.  Many people seemed to have the same idea, and there were many passengers on the plane that day.

As I had anticipated that the airport would be crowded, I dashed to the officer and went through immigration.  I showed my passport, ArriveCAN, and approval letter and told him, “I would like to receive the work permit and study permit.” The officer told me to go to “Immigration” on the right side, so after we pick up our suitcases, we headed there.  There were no other applicants, probably because we hurried there.  We went straight to the counter and handed over a set of documents to the officer.

After that, I was asked, “Are you a CEO of a company?”, “What will you be doing in Canada?”, “How long has your company been in business?” and so on.   Then I was asked to wait in my seat for about 5 minutes.  I waited for about 10 minutes.  After that, our Work/Study permits were issued.  The total time was only about 15 minutes.

I believe that the “company letter ” prepared by Ms. Ueda was excellent, and thanks to that, the officer started the process with no doubt.

Thank you very much again, Ms. Ueda.

Ms. M.L / Resident in Burnaby, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - Family Class

YuPass=YouPass!!! Impressed by Yumi (Ms. Ueda)’s professionalism

Long story short, like other applicants, I was frustrated and had a ton of questions for my PR application.  Since I know Yumi, she always guides me through the process. Also due to a family issue, it took me two years to finally apply for my PR.  In these 2 years, Yumi shows her support and professionalism, she informed me of up-to-date IRCC policy and kept checking up on me.

With her patient and help, I finally applied for my PR application last year and it now gets approved.


All I can say is I am so lucky that the first Immigration Consultant I found is Yumi.  Right after our first meeting, I didn’t hesitate to choose her to be my consultant. She is great at her job and the service price is reasonable. She definitely saves me a lot of headaches.


Appreciated your help Yumi!

Ms. H.I. / Resident in Ajax, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - Caregiver program

I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. Happy with the decision to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability.

I had applied for a PR Status under the Caregiver Program. I found Ms. Ueda through a web search. She responded to my inquiry on the same day I sent it. As well, she would answer my questions with direct quotes from an official article. My first impression was that Ms. Ueda is a very trustworthy person. It was a bit unsettling for me to only contact each other online. I wanted to be able to meet my consultant in person. Because of this, I had thought about contacting a different consultant.
At first, I refused her service. Despite the inconvenience I put on her, she was very respectful of my decision and even offered me words of encouragement.

Soon after, having received harsh remarks from another nearby consultant and me being skeptical of my application, I went back to find Ms. Ueda once again. While it was a selfish decision on my part, Ms. Ueda remained professional in my consultation and taught me ways of handling my application. I then ended up officially becoming a client of Ms. Ueda. I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity.

A provisional measure for the caregiver program that I was applying to had just been put in place at the time of my application and so I had to make sure to have everything done far ahead of the original plan. I was left with no choice but to ensure my application would be ready within 2-3 months. While it was embarrassing for me to not be able to clearly navigate the English exam on my own, Ms. Ueda offered me helpful resources to improve my English exam score. She gave me words that eased my anxiety and I did not feel depressed alone.

IRCC states that an application like mine takes 12 months to be processed. Yet, I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have received it much earlier than normally expected. I believe that this is a result of Ms. Ueda’s mindful preparation of my application.

Ms. Ueda is quick to respond to my emails; she usually responds by the next morning. Many of my questions were very specific. Ms. Ueda would respond to my questions with quotes from IRCC as well as from other sources in order to give the most helpful answer. She would inquire for me first at those sources and then answer and teach me precisely. Ms. Ueda prepared my application while she wiped out any concerns I had regarding my application.

I feel that many people think that it’s a waste of money and therefore try to prepare their applications on their own, without seeking a consultant’s advice. I’m happy with the decision I made to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability. After having successfully obtained my PR status, Ms. Ueda told me to follow up with her on how things go from time to time. I felt like I was cared for and made me happy to have her as my consultant.

When the time comes for my PR card extension, I will surely have Ms. Ueda as my consultant again. Thank you very much! Take care. I hope for a long and successful career for Ms. Ueda.

Mr. Y.S. / Resident in Toronto, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - DIY course

Young couple living in Japan got Canadian Permanent Residence status through Express Entry

We were applicants for PR through Express Entry as a couple. Yumi led me through the application process. Yumi’s lightning response rate allowed progress while I could feel at ease about the overall process being as complicated and foreign to me it is. Having the experience of working with many other clients, Yumi is able to take care of a client’s needs from making a schedule up to managing each progression from one step to another. Even with a lot of information from the Canadian government and other sites that I didn’t understand, Yumi’s strong foundation of knowledge from her experience gave me the right advice that allowed for our application to be completed smoothly. With the recent trend of visa processing times increasing, it was reassuring for me to have received such well put advice.

Yumi’s positive and caring support turned a would-be complicated process into a smooth sailing of which I could feel at ease.

Apart from getting a PR, she also provided me with information on the Canadian job search, living environment, and among many other things that aren’t only PR related.
This helped to alleviate any underlying concerns of mine and instead made me look forward to starting my new life. I’m glad that I chose Yumi as my consultant. Thank you very much!

Ms. Y.N. / Resident in Montreal, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - Family Class

Obtained Permanent Resident visa through Family Sponsorship – Thank you for being by my side through times during the process, Ms. Ueda!

I recently married with my husband from Canada. Under the Family Sponsorship (applied in Canada), I applied for my Permanent Residence visa. Ms. Ueda guided me through the steps to obtain my PR.

Initially, I was under the impression that the procedures were straightforward and was something I could do by myself. A big mistake it was. The process was confusing and was a headache. Ms. Ueda not only guided, but brought me through, being available at my side always.

I really appreciated Ms. Ueda in regards to her swiftness in answering my questions, how she sometimes was open to talking about our personal matters, too.  The way she handled my case effectively in a non-business-oriented manner and how she gave me peace of mind shall any concerns of mine arise.

Though our case was an unusual one, Ms. Ueda quickly brought it under control.


Prior to having found Ms. Ueda, I have also tried contacting other firms. None were able to help with my case, so I really appreciate having found one that could.  Thank you very much for being by my side through times during the process when I was frustrated and wanted to throw in the towel.

It’s a rare gem to find an Immigration Consultant that touches base with lighthearted topics during the rough patches and is always by your side like a saviour. When my PR card needs to be renewed next time, I’ll be using Ms. Ueda’s services again!

Dr. T. O. / Working as a Visiting Researcher in Calgary
Applied for Work Permit

As all my documents were very well prepared by Ms. Ueda, I was able to get my Work Permit quickly and without any problems.

As an employee of a Pharmaceutical company in Japan, I was assigned to come to Canada to work as a Visiting Researcher for Calgary University. Having this being the first time my company assigned me to come to Canada, I decided to go to Ms. Ueda from YuPass to help me on my Work Permit application. For me, being able to bring up and ask anything I wasn’t sure of on my application and having Ms. Ueda handling them in an efficient and professional manner definitely were of very big help to me.

I submitted my application upon arriving at the Calgary Airport, Canada. As all my documents were already very well prepared by Ms. Ueda, I was able to get my Work Permit quickly and without any problems.

Ms. Ueda is a very gentle and considerate professional. Now, despite having been 4 months since I got my Work Permit, we still keep in touch. I still have her help me with questions I have about how life works in Canada as well as with introduction to the many attractions and famous landmarks in Canada. This was very useful as having newly arrived in Canada, I was not only overwhelmed with the many differences between Japan and Canada, but was also unsure on how to start my new life in Canada.
Even though the follow ups have nothing to do with applying for my Work Permit, I am nevertheless extremely grateful that Ms. Ueda tries her best to handle any questions I have. I look forward to working with her again in the future if I need.

I would like to introduce Ms. Ueda to anybody needing to apply for a Work Permit. I recommend Ms. Ueda with confidence.

Mr. M. B. / French citizen living in Japan
Applied for Permanent Resident application - DIY course

You’re in safe hands with Yumi’s services!

We have now been working with Yumi on our PR application and we have been extremely pleased with her professionalism.

We have spoken to a few Consultants prior to starting the process, however not all of them were up to our expectations since we were looking more for a real immigration expert than just a commercial transaction (several companies market themselves as “immigration experts” without having much law/immigration experience).

Our case was not straightforward and we had a lot of questions in regards to the procedure, documents to obtain etc… so we have solicited Yumi many times in 8 months from the start of preparation to the result and she has always been available for us, providing accurate information, best practices and advice.

We are a couple of citizens of France and Philippines currently live in Japan. Although on holidays in Tokyo, Yumi proposed to meet up with us for dinner so she could give us more information and tips about life in Canada. That was of course not mandatory and we appreciated the attention.

We do not hesitate to recommend YuPass Canada to facilitate the administration of your immigration procedures. Yumi has been all we were waiting for: attentive, knowledgeable, fast and willing to run the extra mile to research when we encountered issues that was “specific” to our situation.

Our PR application has recently been approved, so we really wanted to drop a few words to share our experience and thank Yumi for the work she has done.

You’re in safe hands!

Ms. M. O. / Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Permanent Resident application - DIY course

Yumi corrected my mistakes and guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status

Yumi guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status. In the beginning, my initial plan was to hire a lawyer who handled my Co-op Work Permit application to help me get my PR status as well. However, my lawyer made a mistake in which I was provided with incorrect information when he updated my Labour Market Impact Assessment and got billed the wrong amount, supposedly uncomplicated steps. As a result, I had to finish the LMIA and Work Permit applications myself and I barely managed to renew them on time.


Having gone through this experience, wouldn’t it be better for me to just do all the research and complete everything myself, I thought, rather than trust another person but be set up for failure.  However, at the same time, I thought about the fact that my PR application needed to be completely error-free. It would put me more at ease to have someone review the documents I created. I then found YuPass.


As Japanese people are known for not cutting corners and being very careful to details, I felt I was able to ask anything I wasn’t sure of and would always in exchange receive very thorough responses. This was another major reason for me having chosen YuPass.


When I sent my inquiry e-mail, Yumi was very prompt in her response. I am very thankful to have found her and was confident in her ability as she went through and reviewed all my documents in great detail.


While PR application is not very complicated generally, with many documents required, I needed to submit all within a tight deadline.  Without Yumi’s help, it would have been very overwhelming for me.
As I tend to be nervous and make careless mistakes when faced with tight deadlines, having all my documents reviewed and checked in close detail by Yumi was definitely of the biggest help.


Thank you very much, once again!

Ms. S. T. / Resident in Toronto, ON
Applied for Work Permit - International Experience Class Young Professional

Extremely Professional service on my IEC work permit application

I had the great pleasure to work with Yumi regarding my immigration status.  Yumi is extremely professional and has provided me with all the help I needed.  I would recommend anyone who need helps with their visas or reestablish their status.  Yumi is the one you need.

Ms. E.E /Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Work Permit

YuPass Canada not only exceeded my expectations with the expertise and experience, it was also my savior throughout the whole process.

Yumi from YuPass Canada helped apply for both my work permit and permanent residence visa.

I had no time to waste because the deadline of my visa was approaching. Both I and my company were researching about how to prepare and looking for a website to apply for my visa.  We were uncertain on how to proceed until I found YuPass Canada.

What really made me want to take my time to write this was how Yumi stood out from other Immigration Consultants. She played the role as my savior throughout every aspect.

I was especially surprised when Yumi first asked what my goals were upon obtaining my visa. When I asked her why she asked me the question, she mentioned that if she knew what my plans were upon obtaining my visa, she would be more motivated to process  and review my documents.

I must say that I was pretty impressed to find such a caring Immigration Consultant, as in the past out of the many Immigration Consultants I visited, I haven’t found one that was even close to as caring as Yumi.

She always reviews all my documents in detail to the best of her ability and notifies me quickly in the case of which the Immigration office has made any updates.

In this sense, she has well exceeded my expectations.

I feel she stands by her clients more than other Immigration Consultants as she acquired her experience by navigating through the same hardships on her own.

I definitely recommend YuPass Canada’s services for anyone wanting to apply for their visa.



Ms. K.C. / Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Work Permit

YuPass Canada’s services are of high quality for a very reasonable price. Yumi has been my savior throughout the whole process and has guided me through every aspect of this difficult process!

With a Co-op Work Permit, I received my first offer letter as an internship from one company. I then realized that I needed to apply for another Work Permit with the support of the same company.

I came in to a viscous cycle of not knowing where to start, what I should do next and ended up doing hours and hours of self-research without knowing where to end.  Although I found many immigration consultants through introduction from others, there were many drawbacks including their expensive fees and lack of mutual communication. After not knowing what to do, I then decided to give YuPass Canada’s services a try.

YuPass Canada’s system of ‘learning to apply yourself” and ‘keeping costs to the minimum” is why I find YuPass Canada to be a very epochal program.  It also shows Yumi’s supportive mind of being willing to support people like us coming to Canada with their dreams.

Yumi was available through various forms of communication online whenever I encountered any problems while I was preparing my documents.

She is supportive of my career goal in Canada and was encouraging in helping me through the difficult process of processing my documents. Yumi has played the role of being the savior throughout this whole process!

I would be delighted to use YuPass Canada’s services again the next time I apply for my Permanent Residence visa.


Ms. Hanae I./ Resident of USA
Applied for PR extension card outside of Canada

Detailed advice, strong application and also safely renewed my PR card.

Up till this day I have filled in all my application documents and submitted them by myself. On my previous PR card application, I ran into difficulties as it took a long time for my PR card to arrive. This time because I am now living outside of Canada and that I wasn’t too clear on the guidelines of my PR card extension, I decided to give Yumi’s services a try.

My impression of her and her services is that she was really kind, courteous and prompt throughout the process. I had the confidence of entrusting her into doing this task. She first did a thorough assessment on whether or not I met requirements on extending my PR card. Once I did meet the requirements, she advised me in detail what to provide to support my case and make it sound more solid. Yumi made a persuasive cover letter and put it together along with my application. Whenever I had questions on things I wasn’t sure about, she always responded quickly and constantly updated on my progress. Because of her services, I was stress free throughout the whole process. Also, since she has had experience with many applications previously, she led me on the correct path when there were  potential upcoming problems that might occur and.

Thanks to her, I successfully renewed my PR card. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Yumi Ueda’s services. I will most certainly use her services again in the future when the time comes to renew my PR card again. Thank you so much.

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