DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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Support letter preparation service

YuPass Canada’s support letter preparation service, wishing the best for our clients.

Why do you need a company support letter?

The company support letter is the key document in your application. It provides a detailed explanation of the company and the applicant and is used to persuade the Immigration Officer on why the applicant deserves a visa and a permit.

Examples of company support letters

  • Work Permit -Company Support Letter
  • Business visitor for business trip – Invitation Letter and Confirmation of Employment Letter
  • Permanent Resident Application – Confirmation of Employment letter and Reference Letter
  • Provincial Nominee Program – Recommendation Letter and Reference Letter
  • Business Plan for Self-employed
  • Others – We create various letters according to the client’s situation.

YuPass Canada’s Support Letter

Our clients come from various industries and have various positive feelings toward their jobs. The support letter done by YuPass Canada is created based upon careful consideration of the client’s job and background. We work on understanding our clients well and do the proper research to prepare the Support letters. The letters have a range of 3 pages, and 40 pages when it is for a business plan.

Yumi Ueda prepares the contents to the best of her ability as a master of her craft until the contents of the Support letters are thoroughly written for the Immigration officer to understand.

We aim for the success of our clients’ visas and permits. YuPass Canada’s support letters are polished to make your application shine and bring it closer to success.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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