Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q.I live far away from your location. Can I still receive an consultation from an Immigration Consultant?

Yes.  Consultation can be provided over Skype, Phone or e-mail.   You can receive a consultation from anywhere you live. We can also review your documents attached to e-mails.  In short, we can support you anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Q.Can I see a sample Online Educational Support before purchase?

Yes.  Please request a sample Online Educational support through an inquiry form. We will send you a free sample.

Q.I filled in online application forms through a government website. Can the Immigration Consultant review before I submit it online?

There is a function from a government website that a representative can review the online application forms.  We can review the online application forms before submission.

Q.Can you help finding a job in order to apply for a Work Permit or Permanent Residency in Canada?

We receive this inquiry quite often.  Most of time, you can apply for a Work Permit or Permanent Residency once you have a job in Canada under the current immigration rules. (see exception*)


YuPass Canada helps clients who already have jobs in Canada. We are not assisting to get jobs.  Tips to find jobs in Canada


Please contact us once you have a job in Canada.

*Exception: there are cases that you can apply or a Work Permit or PR without a job in Canada

  • Qualify under an Open Work Permit e.g. Working Holiday Work Permit (age between 18 – 30 or 35 depending on the country)
  • Apply for a PR under the Family class
  • Obtain high score under Express Entry system and can apply for PR without an employer (how to calculate Express Entry points http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/crs-tool.asp
  • Start business in Canada and apply for PR as an Entrepreneur

Please contact us if your case is applied above.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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