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July 13, 2016

International Student, it may be worthwhile to wait for the introduction of the new system for Permanent Residency this fall, 2016

Currently students with a Post-Graduation Work Permit are able to obtain necessary one-year skilled work experience to qualify under one of the Permanent Residence categories, Canadian Experience Class. However, since International Students generally do not have long work experience, it is difficult for them to obtain enough points under the competitive Comprehensive Ranking System and compete with other candidates.

According to the Canadian government’s immigration plans, around 160,600 economic-based immigrants are expected to be accepted as permanent residents in 2016.  Total of 473, 307 foreign national in 2015 (international students and foreign workers) plus additional temporary residents enter Canada every year who could potentially compete to be one of those 160,600 permanent resident spots.  Due to competition, not every international student has been successful.

The typical graduate from an undergraduate program and a graduate program after one year of Canadian work experience do not have enough CRS points, which usually requires minimum of 450 points.  If they do not pass CRS under the Express Entry system, they are not invited to apply for a Permanent Residence application.

International Post-graduate are more capable in obtaining competitive CRS points. Both English and French language abilities give more points as well.

For those who do not have enough CRS, it is necessary to seek an employer to support a Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”) or international graduate-specific Provincial Nominee Programs (“PNP”) with an Offer of Employment that increase 600 points on CRS.  It is currently an obstacle for many students to apply for PR without a support of LMIA or PNP.

The Trudeau government is ready to introduce changes to the current immigration system.

The new system will change the family and economic categories as well as visitors’ visa policy. It is expected to be introduced in the coming fall season.

The government currently working to give international students more points and make it easier for them to come to Canada.  If you are a student and planning to apply for a PR, it is worth to wait after the new policy is introduced and see if it will beneficial to your required points.

International students are at the top of the government’s list to become permanent residents because they are young, educated, and fluent in English or French.


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