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Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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September 21, 2022

【Common Mistakes When Applying for a Canadian Visa (Increase Your Success Rate by Reading This!) 】Updated September 21, 2022

Many people from all over the world aim to Canada to immigrate, to study or to work. However, lots of them do not make it to the final selection process.

Yumi Ueda, a professional in the Canadian immigration field for nearly 20 years, shares her observations on what to avoid increasing your chances of success to Canada.


Let’s talk about some points to avoid if you want to get to Canada!


  1. Preparation at the last minute

Most visa and immigration processes do not happen overnight. It takes years of planning and preparation. Some people contact us long before applying for their visa, asking about what course of study they should take in school or what kind of job they should get.

The youngest we have ever given a consultation was an 18-year-old student who asked about her choice of studies.

On the other hand, some clients ask us for help just before their visa expires. Some come after they are retired or after graduating from a school not conducive to the next step in their pursuit of Permanent Residence.

The later you start preparing your plan, the more difficult it will be to switch.

If you consider adding age points to your Permanent Residence application, starting planning as early as possible is advantageous. You could increase your age points when you are young. However, many people start thinking about moving to Canada after their child starts going to school. At that time, an applicant has less or no additional points on age.

As soon as you decide to live and work in Canada, make sure you have a clear strategy to secure a visa and plan your path ahead of time. Then, be smart and have an efficient plan without wasting your time.


  1. Postpone English test preparation

Proof of language proficiency in English or French is required for many immigration programs. You will be tested in four areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Since language skills do not develop overnight, it is essential to start studying specifically for the test with a clear target score as soon as possible!

Don’t postpone studying for the English exam until just before you apply for Permanent Residence. Plan your study method as early as possible and practice it.


Canadian Permanent residence visa- English examination requirements- IELTS/ CELPIP (Not TOEIC, TOEFL or other exams)


  1. Lack of supplementary explanation

There is a limit of space on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) application forms. If you provide a supplemental explanation in a Word document for information that does not fit the application form, you may increase the success rate.

Some applicants have refused their applications because they did not provide sufficient explanations.

Here are some examples of supplementary explanations that Yumi recommends.

  • Study Plan for Study Permit application
  • Relationship history for bringing spouse or common-law partner
  • Confession and apology for unknowingly working illegally


Include additional information beyond what is asked on the application form so that the immigration officer will have an impression that the information is consistent, transparent, and honest.


  1. Attempting to enter Canada without applying for an official Permit

 Suppose you need a Work Permit because you will be working in Canada. However, if you repeatedly enter Canada as a tourist, this may naturally raise suspicions.

You should apply for a proper permit according to the purpose of your visit to Canada.


  1. Failure to submit the documents required by IRCC

Visa and immigration application documents are numerous and complex. Attention must be paid to every detail to avoid mistakes such as forgetting required information and documents or missing deadlines. The collection of documents requires the ability to organize the paperwork thoroughly and detailed attention to deadlines and rules. Simple errors or omissions in the documentation can delay the application process.

Providing accurate information and documentation is crucial because your future in Canada is at stake.

You must write something in each section of the application form, and if a question is not applicable, write “not applicable” or “N/A.”

Sometimes you may have to sign on a single application form more than once. For example, the ‘Additional Family Information’ form requires up to three signatures.

You must ensure that the proof of employment and police certification follow the IRCC regulations.


  1. Give up and don’t try again when it didn’t work

Some people give up after one refusal and never try again but complain. Most of our YuPass Canada’s clients are approved on the first try. A small number of them may be approved on their next try after taking necessary action and fixing some issues.

One client has been refused his applications twice when working with other consultant, but his application got approved when we assisted him.

Even if one method does not work, another may work. For example, even if the wife’s application was unsuccessful, it was approved by switching the husband to the principal applicant.

Doors are open for those who don’t get discouraged when they hit a wall but change their minds quickly and try again with flexibility.


My visa application was refused. What should I do?


  1. Does not know how to follow up

 We sometimes receive inquiries from clients who have applied on their own, but the process has been very slow, or who have been asked to provide additional documents. In many cases, we followed up with the appropriate authorities and assisted in the final push to get the applications approved.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer help yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with YuPass Canada.


YuPass Canada is blessed with positive and wonderful clients

Some of the characteristics of a successful clients are;

  • Take risks and action toward the uncertain future.
  • Positive
  • Honest
  • Open and flexible
  • Prepare earlier
  • Focus on solutions instead of complaining
  • Able to try again when it doesn’t work out
  • Never give up until goals are achieved
  • Have faith and are willing to move forward
  • Able to ask for help

I feel that people with this mindset tend to be successful, not limited to Canadian visas and immigration.

The Canadian visa and immigration application process require early and thorough preparation, trust between clients and us who help them, and a positive attitude from both sides.

Please keep these points in mind to increase your success rate.


If you want to work or live in Canada, please get in touch with us at info@yupasscanada.com.



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