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September 11, 2019

【Permanent Resident Landing Interview at Immigration inland office】

Once your PR application has been approved, your status will be finalized after you complete the Landing Interview at an In-Land Immigration office in Canada. 

Do not get too nervous about the Landing Interview as it will not put your application at risk of getting rejected. Rather, it’s used as a means to clearly confirm your intentions of coming to Canada.

An overview of the landing interview process by our former client:

My interview was scheduled to take place at 1 pm. I went to the office around 10 minutes earlier. I gave my appointment letter and passport and received my number at the reception. There were around eleven others waiting in line before me. While it was a bit unsettling to have many people in the waiting room with me, it came to be my turn after about a 45-minute wait. The interview took place through an over-counter-service similar to that at an airport counter.

Some of the things asked included:

  • Is it a valid address to send your PR card to?

  • under what status you first came to Canada under(study or work or?)

  • The airport you arrived at on your latest visit to Canada (Your passport was checked also at the time. No stamp was found for entering Canada, but a stamp from the departing country was found).

  • whether you have been previously denied entry to/ or ordered to be deported.

  • Whether do you have any criminal background?

You should expect to be asked similar questions. 

Signature to confirm your personal information written in the Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

I was passed over a copy of the form. They mentioned that I would need it again when applying for citizenship, and to take care not to lose it.

In regards to provincial medical insurance and the changing of Social Insurance Number, I was told to expect about a 3-4 weeks wait to receive the SIN card.

I was then told, “Congratulations! You are a Permanent Resident from now!” with a smile. The interview was complete. I believe that I was short by ten minutes. I did not need to show the pre-paid Landing Fee receipt. 

On the same floor where the IRCC office was located, there was a Service Canada branch. There, I completed the procedures for the re-issuing of my Social Insurance Number.

To first read about the experiences of others that have gone through the landing interview process themselves has done a great deal in helping me feel more at ease. (confirming e.g. entry dates) Thank you!

Though I had many very specific questions pertaining to my case, I was able to complete my application with much ease as all of my questions were each very thoughtfully handled.

I am very glad to have had my case handled by Ms. Ueda. 

Should I be in need of such services again in the future, I will surely have Ms. Ueda take care of it! 

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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