Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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September 14, 2017

Are you applying for a work permit at a Canadian airport?

Once you receive an approval letter of a work permit and/or an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment, next step is that you apply for a work permit at an airport.  If certain cases are met, you can apply for a work permit directly at the airport if you are from a visa exempt county.    We introduce below a summary of the steps that you can take when you arrive at the airport in Canada and apply for and receive a work permit.

Please also refer sample interview questions from an immigration officer e.g. Intra-company transferee work permit.

1. Prepare a processing fee in advance.

Need a processing fee for your work permit at the airport. You can also pay by credit card.

2. Go to the Canadian Border Services Agency office after an immigration counter. 

When you arrive at the Canadian airport, you will need to go through an immigration counter with other passengers, pick up your language and go to the immigration room (Canada Border Services Agency office).

3. Processing time will vary.

It will take a short time for the interview and the processing of the work permit if you already have a pre-approval letter, but it depends on the line up and the immigration officer.

4. Have 2 sets of a Work Permit application packages.

Please pass the originally signed set of the work permit application document package to the immigration officer. Please keep the second set photocopy for you. You need to have brought two sets of documents with you. One originally signed set for the immigration officer and the second set that is the photocopied set. This will make it easier if you have your own copy of the application package if the immigration office has a question for you about a specific document. You can refer to your own copy of the document.

5. What types of questions will be asked?

You will be asked some questions. Most of the questions are from the work permit application document package. We recommend that you read the application package before arrive at the airport in Canada. It is also recommended that you understand the basic contents of the application package before arriving in Canada. For example, if you are applying for an Intra-company transferee work permit, the question will likely be about the relationship between the foreign and Canadian company, and the jobs you held overseas and the proposed job you will obtain in Canada.

6. An Immigration Consultant can speak to the officer in case the officer needs a clarification

If you have an immigration consultant assisting your case, please let her know your arrival date and time. In case the officer wishes to get clarification on an issue, the immigration consultant can talk to the officer over the phone. Assuming all goes well in the interview and the work permit is approved, please pay the processing fee.

7. Please make sure the contents of your work permit is printed correctly.

Once the work permit is issued, please read the contents carefully and request amendments if necessary. Please make sure; your name is spelled correctly; the name of the employer is spelled correctly; and the term of the work permit. In some cases, the immigration officer may decide to only issue the work permit for a shorter term.

8. Please put a note on your calendar not to forget a timing of your work permit extension.



Common Interview Questions at a Canadian Airport

e.g.  Intra-company Transferee Work Permit

  1. What are you applying for? What is your purpose/reason for coming to Canada?
  2. What will be your job/position in Canada? What kind of work will you do?
  3. What are your qualifications? What qualifications do you have?
  4. What kind of business does the Canadian company do?
  5. What kind of business does the foreign company do?
  6. What is the relationship between the foreign company and the Canadian company? How are the two companies related?
  7. What was your job/position at the foreign company? What kind of work did you do?
  8. How long did you work there? How many years did you work at the foreign company?
  9. What kind of specialized and advanced skills, knowledge and expertise do you have?
  10. How many staff did you manage at the foreign company?
  11. How many staff will you manage at the Canadian company?
  12. What was your salary at the foreign company?
  13. What will be your salary at the Canadian company?
  14. Where will you work in Canada?
  15. How many years will you work in Canada?
  16. Will your wife be living with you in Canada?
  17. Does your wife want to receive a work permit as well? Would you wife also like to work in Canada?

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You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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