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DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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October 9, 2018

【9 ways to get your Canadian PR status -Simplified edition-】

For whom is the Canadian PR status for?

It grants a special status for anyone not Canadian certain rights, including being able to stay in Canada for an indefinite amount of time, as well as being able to study and work in Canada.

Advantages of having a Canadian PR status

  • The freedom to work as you wish without being bounded to set time limits or being free to choose your employer
  • Unlike a Study Permit or Work Permit, you can stay in Canada for as long as you wish
  • Eligibility to receive health insurance coverage
  • Entitled to lower tuition fees than foreign exchange students

After staying in Canada for a total of three (3) years, you have the option to either become a Canadian citizen, or to keep the citizenship of your home country as a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Method of applyingEstimated processing time
Economic Class
(The processing time of six (6)+ months is if you apply under Express Entry and PR. When you apply for LMIA/ PNP also, the processing time is longer)
6 months - 2 years
Family Sponsorship Class

Sponsored by spouse (1 year)
Sponsored by parents/ grandparents (2 years)
1 year - 2 years
Entrepreneurship ClassVaries by program

1. Economic Class  🏢

Those working in professions deemed as “beneficial to the Canadian economy” may apply. There’s a program that will assess based on a point system your background not only for your  occupation, but for your language skill, educational background, age, as well as whether or not you have relatives residing in Canada.

Usually, individuals applying for a PR status do so through Express Entry,, which then qualifies them to get an invitation to apply upon having a high score and meeting all of the requirements.

There are cases where it’s possible to apply for the PR even if you’re applying from outside of Canada, don’t have an employer, don’t have the required points or don’t have a Work Permit.

1) Express Entry+PR (6 months)

If you don’t have enough points, you can increase it by getting a job offer in Canada and apply either through Labor Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”) or the Provincial Nominee Program            (“PNP”).

2) LMIA + PR applications (9 months~)

While you can get approval for an LMIA and increase your points by getting a job offer, you can also apply without the LMIA depending on your work situation.When applying for PR through Express Entry, you can claim an additional 50 or 200 points when having an LMIA at the time as well, depending on the classification of your job.

3) PNP ( 9 months- 2 years)

Each of Canada’s 11 provinces have their own individual program. The immigration policy is under the jurisdiction of each province or territory when you’re applying for a PNP program.
When applying for a PR through Express Entry, you will get an additional 600 points to your Express Entry by applying for PNP as well.

Some provinces have a program that allows you to apply as a semi-skilled worker if your occupation is not considered as skilled worker.

2. Family Sponsorship 👪

You can apply for your 4) spouse, common-law partner, 5) child, 6) parent or grandparent. For example, in the case of a Canadian and a foreigner couple that have married overseas, the Canadian can sponsor his/her spouse.

Spousal or common-law partners and those who wish to sponsor their child are not required to show  the minimum income requirements.

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3. Example of the steps a person who would like to start their own business 🍴🏃

7) Self-employed

Having taken part a minimum of two years in cultural activities or athletics at the national level qualifies you to apply under the category of “Self-employed.”

8) PNP – Entrepreneur

Every PNP has a program for entrepreneurs. Minimum amount of net worth and investment varies depending on the province.

9) Significant Benefit to Canada

Depending on your occupation, if you own a business that is regarded as “of significant benefit” to Canada you can get a Work Permit by applying under the “Significant Benefit Canada” category. Upon obtaining your Work Permit, as well as having worked in Canada for a minimum of one year and have obtained additional points for Express Entry, you can apply for a PR.

I want to know more!☝

Canadian Permanent residence visa- English examination requirements- IELTS/ CELPIP (Not TOEIC, TOEFL or other exams 🍁

IRCC‐Immigrate to Canada 🍁

IRCC Self Employed Person 🍁

All Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that are members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory (“ICCRC”) hold National Qualification and are adept in the field of Immigration. We not only have the latest knowledge of the Immigration law but also can provide legal advice based on precedent to meet clients’ objectives.

For personal consultation, you can be consulted on any of the following topics

  • Would like to start your application but not quite sure where to start.
  • Would like to find out your chances of being able to work, study or stay as a permanent resident.
  • Would like to know which category you should apply under.
  • Would like to know where to download your application from the IRCC site.
  • Filled out your application by yourself but have parts which you don’t understand.
  • How to sponsor family members.
  • An employee must be transferred to Canada and you’re the person in human resources and require assistance on how to obtain their visa.

*Before meeting up with you, I will analyze and research the consultation matters based on the Client’s information and documents so that on the appointed day I can provide you with the possibility of obtaining your visa, a thorough plans and also a method to solve any problems you may encounter.

Please contact us if you are considering applying for your Canada PR visa with any of the above methods.

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You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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