Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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January 5, 2020

【Other essential steps besides getting your Work Permit (related to the Canadian government)】

Your relocation day to Canada is coming up.

What other things must you do when applying for a Work Permit (also called Labor Visa, Work Visa).

This article will provide you with all the information of everything that you need to do, split into before your departure to Canada, on the day of your departure, and after your arrival.

Things to do before your departure day

eTA(Electronic Travel Authorization)

If you directly apply at the airport of your arrival in Canada, you need to apply for an eTA online before you leave Japan. (You don’t need it if you already have a letter of acknowledgement from the embassy)

Fee $7

When you arrive at an airport in Canada

Biometrics(Fingerprint Authentication

Biometrics is used to identify the identity of an individual.  

Those that apply for a Work Permit at the airport are to go through Biometrics after they receive their Work Permit.

Those that have applied for the Work Permit in advance at the embassy should get a letter to go through Biometrics and to complete Biometrics before leaving Japan.

Those coming to Canada as tourists do not need it.

Fees $85

After your arrival (you can get it when you arrive at the Toronto airport)

Social Insurance Number (“SIN”)

You are required to have a SIN if you will be working at a Canadian company and to file your tax. You may apply for a SIN at an institution called Service Canada. You can either go directly in person or apply by mail.

Here is how you apply. You can also find where Services Canada offices are located from this link. 


Health Card

Many public health services are available to you. Eligibility, how to apply, and monthly fees vary according to the province. 

British Columbia(Medical Services Plan)

Ontario (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)


Notice of Residence

Depending on which country you are coming from, those who have stayed abroad for a longer time are required to submit a Notice of Residence to the embassy or consulate in charge of their nationality.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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