DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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Extensive experiences that I gained from working with an internationally recognized major law firm has given me the ability to provide the same work quality, secure and trustworthy services like a big law firm.
  • Offer expert advice based on my 16 years of experiences helping corporate and individual to come to Canada.
  • Experience in assisting over 1,000 customers from 28 countries
  • Experience in assisting clients from various companies across wide range of industries
  • Specialize in helping corporate clients to get Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit fast and reliably.
  • Able to assist you through the Internet who live in places where access to Immigration consultants is limited.
  • Able to correspond to both corporate and individual clients to obtain permits and visas.
  • Very high success rate.
  • Flexible to accommodate customers’ time frame, budgets and capabilities.

Ms. H.I. / Resident in Ajax, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - Caregiver program

I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. Happy with the decision to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability.

I had applied for a PR Status under the Caregiver Program. I found Ms. Ueda through a web search. She responded to my inquiry on the same day I sent it. As well, she would answer my questions with direct quotes from an official article. My first impression was that Ms. Ueda is a very trustworthy person. It was a bit unsettling for me to only contact each other online. I wanted to be able to meet my consultant in person. Because of this, I had thought about contacting a different consultant.
At first, I refused her service. Despite the inconvenience I put on her, she was very respectful of my decision and even offered me words of encouragement.

Soon after, having received harsh remarks from another nearby consultant and me being skeptical of my application, I went back to find Ms. Ueda once again. While it was a selfish decision on my part, Ms. Ueda remained professional in my consultation and taught me ways of handling my application. I then ended up officially becoming a client of Ms. Ueda. I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity.

A provisional measure for the caregiver program that I was applying to had just been put in place at the time of my application and so I had to make sure to have everything done far ahead of the original plan. I was left with no choice but to ensure my application would be ready within 2-3 months. While it was embarrassing for me to not be able to clearly navigate the English exam on my own, Ms. Ueda offered me helpful resources to improve my English exam score. She gave me words that eased my anxiety and I did not feel depressed alone.

IRCC states that an application like mine takes 12 months to be processed. Yet, I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have received it much earlier than normally expected. I believe that this is a result of Ms. Ueda’s mindful preparation of my application.

Ms. Ueda is quick to respond to my emails; she usually responds by the next morning. Many of my questions were very specific. Ms. Ueda would respond to my questions with quotes from IRCC as well as from other sources in order to give the most helpful answer. She would inquire for me first at those sources and then answer and teach me precisely. Ms. Ueda prepared my application while she wiped out any concerns I had regarding my application.

I feel that many people think that it’s a waste of money and therefore try to prepare their applications on their own, without seeking a consultant’s advice. I’m happy with the decision I made to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability. After having successfully obtained my PR status, Ms. Ueda told me to follow up with her on how things go from time to time. I felt like I was cared for and made me happy to have her as my consultant.

When the time comes for my PR card extension, I will surely have Ms. Ueda as my consultant again. Thank you very much! Take care. I hope for a long and successful career for Ms. Ueda.

Mr. Y.S. / Resident in Toronto, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application - DIY course

Young couple living in Japan got Canadian Permanent Residence status through Express Entry

We were applicants for PR through Express Entry as a couple. Yumi led me through the application process. Yumi’s lightning response rate allowed progress while I could feel at ease about the overall process being as complicated and foreign to me it is. Having the experience of working with many other clients, Yumi is able to take care of a client’s needs from making a schedule up to managing each progression from one step to another. Even with a lot of information from the Canadian government and other sites that I didn’t understand, Yumi’s strong foundation of knowledge from her experience gave me the right advice that allowed for our application to be completed smoothly. With the recent trend of visa processing times increasing, it was reassuring for me to have received such well put advice.

Yumi’s positive and caring support turned a would-be complicated process into a smooth sailing of which I could feel at ease.

Apart from getting a PR, she also provided me with information on the Canadian job search, living environment, and among many other things that aren’t only PR related.
This helped to alleviate any underlying concerns of mine and instead made me look forward to starting my new life. I’m glad that I chose Yumi as my consultant. Thank you very much!

Ms. Y.N. / Resident in Montreal, Canada
Applied for Permanent Residence application Family Class)

Obtained Permanent Resident visa through Family Sponsorship – Thank you for being by my side through times during the process, Ms. Ueda!

I recently married with my husband from Canada. Under the Family Sponsorship (applied in Canada), I applied for my Permanent Residence visa. Ms. Ueda guided me through the steps to obtain my PR.

Initially, I was under the impression that the procedures were straightforward and was something I could do by myself. A big mistake it was. The process was confusing and was a headache. Ms. Ueda not only guided, but brought me through, being available at my side always.

I really appreciated Ms. Ueda in regards to her swiftness in answering my questions, how she sometimes was open to talking about our personal matters, too.  The way she handled my case effectively in a non-business-oriented manner and how she gave me peace of mind shall any concerns of mine arise.

Though our case was an unusual one, Ms. Ueda quickly brought it under control.


Prior to having found Ms. Ueda, I have also tried contacting other firms. None were able to help with my case, so I really appreciate having found one that could.  Thank you very much for being by my side through times during the process when I was frustrated and wanted to throw in the towel.

It’s a rare gem to find an Immigration Consultant that touches base with lighthearted topics during the rough patches and is always by your side like a saviour. When my PR card needs to be renewed next time, I’ll be using Ms. Ueda’s services again!

Dr. T. O. / Working as a Visiting Researcher in Calgary
Applied for Work Permit

As all my documents were very well prepared by Ms. Ueda, I was able to get my Work Permit quickly and without any problems.

As an employee of a Pharmaceutical company in Japan, I was assigned to come to Canada to work as a Visiting Researcher for Calgary University. Having this being the first time my company assigned me to come to Canada, I decided to go to Ms. Ueda from YuPass to help me on my Work Permit application. For me, being able to bring up and ask anything I wasn’t sure of on my application and having Ms. Ueda handling them in an efficient and professional manner definitely were of very big help to me.

I submitted my application upon arriving at the Calgary Airport, Canada. As all my documents were already very well prepared by Ms. Ueda, I was able to get my Work Permit quickly and without any problems.

Ms. Ueda is a very gentle and considerate professional. Now, despite having been 4 months since I got my Work Permit, we still keep in touch. I still have her help me with questions I have about how life works in Canada as well as with introduction to the many attractions and famous landmarks in Canada. This was very useful as having newly arrived in Canada, I was not only overwhelmed with the many differences between Japan and Canada, but was also unsure on how to start my new life in Canada.
Even though the follow ups have nothing to do with applying for my Work Permit, I am nevertheless extremely grateful that Ms. Ueda tries her best to handle any questions I have. I look forward to working with her again in the future if I need.

I would like to introduce Ms. Ueda to anybody needing to apply for a Work Permit. I recommend Ms. Ueda with confidence.

Mr. M. B. / French citizen living in Japan
Applied for Permanent Resident application - DIY course

You’re in safe hands with Yumi’s services!

We have now been working with Yumi on our PR application and we have been extremely pleased with her professionalism.

We have spoken to a few Consultants prior to starting the process, however not all of them were up to our expectations since we were looking more for a real immigration expert than just a commercial transaction (several companies market themselves as “immigration experts” without having much law/immigration experience).

Our case was not straightforward and we had a lot of questions in regards to the procedure, documents to obtain etc… so we have solicited Yumi many times in 8 months from the start of preparation to the result and she has always been available for us, providing accurate information, best practices and advice.

We are a couple of citizens of France and Philippines currently live in Japan. Although on holidays in Tokyo, Yumi proposed to meet up with us for dinner so she could give us more information and tips about life in Canada. That was of course not mandatory and we appreciated the attention.

We do not hesitate to recommend YuPass Canada to facilitate the administration of your immigration procedures. Yumi has been all we were waiting for: attentive, knowledgeable, fast and willing to run the extra mile to research when we encountered issues that was “specific” to our situation.

Our PR application has recently been approved, so we really wanted to drop a few words to share our experience and thank Yumi for the work she has done.

You’re in safe hands!

Ms. M. O. / Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Permanent Resident application - DIY course

Yumi corrected my mistakes and guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status

Yumi guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status. In the beginning, my initial plan was to hire a lawyer who handled my Co-op Work Permit application to help me get my PR status as well. However, my lawyer made a mistake in which I was provided with incorrect information when he updated my Labour Market Impact Assessment and got billed the wrong amount, supposedly uncomplicated steps. As a result, I had to finish the LMIA and Work Permit applications myself and I barely managed to renew them on time.


Having gone through this experience, wouldn’t it be better for me to just do all the research and complete everything myself, I thought, rather than trust another person but be set up for failure.  However, at the same time, I thought about the fact that my PR application needed to be completely error-free. It would put me more at ease to have someone review the documents I created. I then found YuPass.


As Japanese people are known for not cutting corners and being very careful to details, I felt I was able to ask anything I wasn’t sure of and would always in exchange receive very thorough responses. This was another major reason for me having chosen YuPass.


When I sent my inquiry e-mail, Yumi was very prompt in her response. I am very thankful to have found her and was confident in her ability as she went through and reviewed all my documents in great detail.


While PR application is not very complicated generally, with many documents required, I needed to submit all within a tight deadline.  Without Yumi’s help, it would have been very overwhelming for me.
As I tend to be nervous and make careless mistakes when faced with tight deadlines, having all my documents reviewed and checked in close detail by Yumi was definitely of the biggest help.


Thank you very much, once again!

Ms. S. T. / Resident in Toronto, ON
Applied for Work Permit - International Experience Class Young Professional

Extremely Professional service on my IEC work permit application

I had the great pleasure to work with Yumi regarding my immigration status.  Yumi is extremely professional and has provided me with all the help I needed.  I would recommend anyone who need helps with their visas or reestablish their status.  Yumi is the one you need.

Ms. E.E /Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Work Permit

YuPass Canada not only exceeded my expectations with the expertise and experience, it was also my savior throughout the whole process.

Yumi from YuPass Canada helped apply for both my work permit and permanent residence visa.

I had no time to waste because the deadline of my visa was approaching. Both I and my company were researching about how to prepare and looking for a website to apply for my visa.  We were uncertain on how to proceed until I found YuPass Canada.

What really made me want to take my time to write this was how Yumi stood out from other Immigration Consultants. She played the role as my savior throughout every aspect.

I was especially surprised when Yumi first asked what my goals were upon obtaining my visa. When I asked her why she asked me the question, she mentioned that if she knew what my plans were upon obtaining my visa, she would be more motivated to process  and review my documents.

I must say that I was pretty impressed to find such a caring Immigration Consultant, as in the past out of the many Immigration Consultants I visited, I haven’t found one that was even close to as caring as Yumi.

She always reviews all my documents in detail to the best of her ability and notifies me quickly in the case of which the Immigration office has made any updates.

In this sense, she has well exceeded my expectations.

I feel she stands by her clients more than other Immigration Consultants as she acquired her experience by navigating through the same hardships on her own.

I definitely recommend YuPass Canada’s services for anyone wanting to apply for their visa.



Ms. K.C. / Resident in Vancouver, BC
Applied for Work Permit

YuPass Canada’s services are of high quality for a very reasonable price. Yumi has been my savior throughout the whole process and has guided me through every aspect of this difficult process!

With a Co-op Work Permit, I received my first offer letter as an internship from one company. I then realized that I needed to apply for another Work Permit with the support of the same company.

I came in to a viscous cycle of not knowing where to start, what I should do next and ended up doing hours and hours of self-research without knowing where to end.  Although I found many immigration consultants through introduction from others, there were many drawbacks including their expensive fees and lack of mutual communication. After not knowing what to do, I then decided to give YuPass Canada’s services a try.

YuPass Canada’s system of ‘learning to apply yourself” and ‘keeping costs to the minimum” is why I find YuPass Canada to be a very epochal program.  It also shows Yumi’s supportive mind of being willing to support people like us coming to Canada with their dreams.

Yumi was available through various forms of communication online whenever I encountered any problems while I was preparing my documents.

She is supportive of my career goal in Canada and was encouraging in helping me through the difficult process of processing my documents. Yumi has played the role of being the savior throughout this whole process!

I would be delighted to use YuPass Canada’s services again the next time I apply for my Permanent Residence visa.


Ms. Hanae I./ Resident of USA
Applied for PR extension card outside of Canada

Detailed advice, strong application and also safely renewed my PR card.

Up till this day I have filled in all my application documents and submitted them by myself. On my previous PR card application, I ran into difficulties as it took a long time for my PR card to arrive. This time because I am now living outside of Canada and that I wasn’t too clear on the guidelines of my PR card extension, I decided to give Yumi’s services a try.

My impression of her and her services is that she was really kind, courteous and prompt throughout the process. I had the confidence of entrusting her into doing this task. She first did a thorough assessment on whether or not I met requirements on extending my PR card. Once I did meet the requirements, she advised me in detail what to provide to support my case and make it sound more solid. Yumi made a persuasive cover letter and put it together along with my application. Whenever I had questions on things I wasn’t sure about, she always responded quickly and constantly updated on my progress. Because of her services, I was stress free throughout the whole process. Also, since she has had experience with many applications previously, she led me on the correct path when there were  potential upcoming problems that might occur and.

Thanks to her, I successfully renewed my PR card. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Yumi Ueda’s services. I will most certainly use her services again in the future when the time comes to renew my PR card again. Thank you so much.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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