DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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September 2, 2019

Young couple living in Japan got Canadian Permanent Residence status through Express Entry

We were applicants for PR through Express Entry as a couple. Yumi led me through the application process. Yumi’s lightning response rate allowed progress while I could feel at ease about the overall process being as complicated and foreign to me it is. Having the experience of working with many other clients, Yumi is able to take care of a client’s needs from making a schedule up to managing each progression from one step to another. Even with a lot of information from the Canadian government and other sites that I didn’t understand, Yumi’s strong foundation of knowledge from her experience gave me the right advice that allowed for our application to be completed smoothly. With the recent trend of visa processing times increasing, it was reassuring for me to have received such well put advice.

Yumi’s positive and caring support turned a would-be complicated process into a smooth sailing of which I could feel at ease.

Apart from getting a PR, she also provided me with information on the Canadian job search, living environment, and among many other things that aren’t only PR related.
This helped to alleviate any underlying concerns of mine and instead made me look forward to starting my new life. I’m glad that I chose Yumi as my consultant. Thank you very much!

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