Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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June 23, 2021

Thanks to Ms. Ueda for her hands-on support and her faithful work!

Thanks to Ms. Ueda for her hands-on support and her faithful work!

I came to Canada five years ago, studied at a college, worked at a Canadian company, and successfully obtained permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class program.

Why did I go to the visa consulting company in Montreal even though I live in Toronto?  I chose YuPass Canada Immigration Inc. for my visa support because of Ms. Ueda’s flexibility in scheduling the initial consultation. There are many visa consulting companies in Toronto. Still, they all said that the initial consultation was only for those who could come during their office hours, which was not convenient for me as I had just started working full-time at that time.  I had an online video call with Ms. Ueda at eight in the morning!  I was confident that I would rely on her to help me find my way to get a permanent residence.  It took 2.5 years to get the permanent residence which includes learning English, waiting for the Express Entry draw, and going through the actual application procedure.  I can’t thank Ms. Ueda enough for her sincere work!

Many people may be trying to apply for permanent residence by themselves or hiring an Asian consulting company for a cheap support fee. First, however, I would like you to understand the risks involved.  I have worked for a study abroad agency and was confident that I was more familiar with the general Canadian visa application process than others.  However, there is not much accurate information about permanent residence applications posted on general websites, and IRCC’s website is not very  detailed, so I had many questions.  Especially since the Covid-19 travel restrictions this time, I heard from many of my friends seeking permanent residence that their applications were rejected immediately because of one incomplete document.

Before submitting the documents, Ms. Ueda carefully checked all the documents and answered my questions each time, and gave me accurate advice with evidence to support my numerous questions. It was very reassuring to have an expert to take care of me consistently. In addition, it is the best way to get instructions from a Japanese consultant on how to prepare documents  specific for Japanese people ( such as a non-criminal certificate from Japan, and for more complicated matters, including Japanese residential address and company name).

It is very frustrating that the situation of applying for permanent residence changes from time to time.  Since I studied at a college after I turned 30 years old, my age made things difficult for me as I did not gain much age point. In addition, last year, when I started applying for permanent residence, I found out that there were no more draws for people with my score, and I had to struggle for about six months. Despite the times when I felt like I was about to give up, Ms. Ueda gave me gentle encouragement. She consulted with me every time about the possibility of obtaining permanent residence.  After I received the Invitation to Apply for Express Entry and applied for permanent residence, I received a positive result in less than three months!

Once I obtained my permanent residence, the game is on! From now on, I will do my best in my work and personal life to make myself better integrate into Canadian society. Thanks to Ms. Ueda’s sincere and detailed support, I made this opportunity a reality. Thank you very much.


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