DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application

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September 2, 2019

I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. Happy with the decision to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability.

I had applied for a PR Status under the Caregiver Program. I found Ms. Ueda through a web search. She responded to my inquiry on the same day I sent it. As well, she would answer my questions with direct quotes from an official article. My first impression was that Ms. Ueda is a very trustworthy person. It was a bit unsettling for me to only contact each other online. I wanted to be able to meet my consultant in person. Because of this, I had thought about contacting a different consultant.
At first, I refused her service. Despite the inconvenience I put on her, she was very respectful of my decision and even offered me words of encouragement.

Soon after, having received harsh remarks from another nearby consultant and me being skeptical of my application, I went back to find Ms. Ueda once again. While it was a selfish decision on my part, Ms. Ueda remained professional in my consultation and taught me ways of handling my application. I then ended up officially becoming a client of Ms. Ueda. I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity.

A provisional measure for the caregiver program that I was applying to had just been put in place at the time of my application and so I had to make sure to have everything done far ahead of the original plan. I was left with no choice but to ensure my application would be ready within 2-3 months. While it was embarrassing for me to not be able to clearly navigate the English exam on my own, Ms. Ueda offered me helpful resources to improve my English exam score. She gave me words that eased my anxiety and I did not feel depressed alone.

IRCC states that an application like mine takes 12 months to be processed. Yet, I got my PR status successfully after only 2 months. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have received it much earlier than normally expected. I believe that this is a result of Ms. Ueda’s mindful preparation of my application.

Ms. Ueda is quick to respond to my emails; she usually responds by the next morning. Many of my questions were very specific. Ms. Ueda would respond to my questions with quotes from IRCC as well as from other sources in order to give the most helpful answer. She would inquire for me first at those sources and then answer and teach me precisely. Ms. Ueda prepared my application while she wiped out any concerns I had regarding my application.

I feel that many people think that it’s a waste of money and therefore try to prepare their applications on their own, without seeking a consultant’s advice. I’m happy with the decision I made to have paid the extra money in exchange for this extra layer of reliability. After having successfully obtained my PR status, Ms. Ueda told me to follow up with her on how things go from time to time. I felt like I was cared for and made me happy to have her as my consultant.

When the time comes for my PR card extension, I will surely have Ms. Ueda as my consultant again. Thank you very much! Take care. I hope for a long and successful career for Ms. Ueda.

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