Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

Let's make "Someday Canada" a reality!

~Start Your Career in Canada with Confidence~

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March 30, 2021

Excellent support with maximum consideration of risk

What made me decide to ask Ms. Ueda for my application was that she was the most professional and experienced among many immigration consultants.  She loves Canada and is working on it as her mission.  In fact, I was approved in 1.5 months after applying even though we are in a pandemic and my job is not an Essential Service.  My wife and I were able to obtain work permit visas.

The year 2020 was a once-in-a-century year when the border was closed due to the COVID 19.  She always suggested the best choice and schedule for us. There is no doubt that we will ask her to help us, who helps her clients in good faith.  I want to enjoy my life in Canada with my family and contribute to Canada.

The following is the information about entering Canada under the COVID 19 restrictions.

I was originally scheduled to arrive in Vancouver by ANA flight on February 22, 2021. However, it seemed to be that I would be required to do a quarantine for up to 3 days and PCR test that would start on February 22, so with Ms. Ueda’s suggestion, I changed my flight date to February 21.  Many people seemed to have the same idea, and there were many passengers on the plane that day.

As I had anticipated that the airport would be crowded, I dashed to the officer and went through immigration.  I showed my passport, ArriveCAN, and approval letter and told him, “I would like to receive the work permit and study permit.” The officer told me to go to “Immigration” on the right side, so after we pick up our suitcases, we headed there.  There were no other applicants, probably because we hurried there.  We went straight to the counter and handed over a set of documents to the officer.

After that, I was asked, “Are you a CEO of a company?”, “What will you be doing in Canada?”, “How long has your company been in business?” and so on.   Then I was asked to wait in my seat for about 5 minutes.  I waited for about 10 minutes.  After that, our Work/Study permits were issued.  The total time was only about 15 minutes.

I believe that the “company letter ” prepared by Ms. Ueda was excellent, and thanks to that, the officer started the process with no doubt.

Thank you very much again, Ms. Ueda.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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