DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

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All done by your Immigration Consultant

If you would like to leave everything to your Immigration Consultant, the following services will be offered

  • List of the necessary documents to include in your application.
  • Preparation of your application (10 % discount for clients who fill it out themselves)
  • Review of all your necessary documents and advice (Preparation of Job Offer, Employment Confirmation letter, Recommendation letter, Company support letter)
  • Preparation of Cover Letter attention to the officer from the IRCC.
  • Correspondence with the Immigration Officer.
  • Monitoring of your application status.
  • Assistance up till you receive the final result on your application.
  • Emergency consultation support for 3 months after your arrival in Canada
YuPass Canada also offers the following mix and match options to select only the services you need; below are some examples of some possible combinations:

Example #1: Review of your documents plus Preparation of cover letter.

Example #2: 5 hours of consultation to answer your questions.

To inquire and to find out the estimate cost of your case please contact us at contact page.

For contracts for businesses:
  • Business consultation.
  • Individual and Company seminars.
  • Online seminars.
  • Group consultation for both individual customers and customers from the Human Resources Division.
  • Preparation of letters (Job Offer、Employment Confirmation letter、Recommendation letter、Company support letter).

The following services fees are not included by YuPass Canada:

  • Processing fee for the Immigration offices
  • Translation services fees (Certified Translation)
  • Advertising fees
  • Shipping fees (FedEx, UPS etc.)
  • Medical exam fees
  • Non Criminal record processing fee

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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Services & Prices

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