DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

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Obtained Permanent Resident visa through Family Sponsorship – Thank you for being by my side through times during the process, Ms. Ueda!

November 20, 2018:

I recently married with my husband from Canada. Under the Family Sponsorship (applied in Canada), I applied for my Permanent Residence visa. Ms. Ueda guided me through the steps to obtain my PR.Initially, I was under the impression that the procedures were straightforward and was something I could do by myself. A big mistake it was. The process was confusing and was a headache. Ms. Ueda not only guided, but brought me through, being available at my side always.

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As all my documents were very well prepared by Ms. Ueda, I was able to get my Work Permit quickly and without any problems.

January 7, 2018:

As an employee of a Pharmaceutical company in Japan, I was assigned to come to Canada to work as a Visiting Researcher for Calgary University. Having this being the first time my company assigned me to come to Canada, I decided to go to Ms. Ueda from YuPass to help me on my Work Permit application. For me, being able to bring up and ask anything I wasn’t sure of on my application and having Ms. Ueda handling them in an efficient and professional manner definitely were of very big help to me.

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You’re in safe hands with Yumi’s services!

November 24, 2017:

We have now been working with Yumi on our PR application and we have been extremely pleased with her professionalism.

We have spoken to a few Consultants prior to starting the process, however not all of them were up to our expectations since we were looking more for a real immigration expert than just a commercial transaction (several companies market themselves as “immigration experts” without having much law/immigration experience).

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Yumi corrected my mistakes and guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status

November 17, 2017:

Yumi guided me through the steps in obtaining my Permanent Residence status. In the beginning, my initial plan was to hire a lawyer who handled my Co-op Work Permit application to help me get my PR status as well. However, my lawyer made a mistake in which I was provided with incorrect information when he […]

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Extremely Professional service on my IEC work permit application

May 18, 2017:

I had the great pleasure to work with Yumi regarding my immigration status.  Yumi is extremely professional and has provided me with all the help I needed.  I would recommend anyone who need helps with their visas or reestablish their status.  Yumi is the one you need.

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YuPass Canada not only exceeded my expectations with the expertise and experience, it was also my savior throughout the whole process.

January 3, 2017:

Yumi from YuPass Canada helped apply for both my work permit and permanent residence visa. I had no time to waste because the deadline of my visa was approaching. Both I and my company were researching about how to prepare and looking for a website to apply for my visa.  We were uncertain on how […]

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YuPass Canada’s services are of high quality for a very reasonable price. Yumi has been my savior throughout the whole process and has guided me through every aspect of this difficult process!

November 21, 2016:

With a Co-op Work Permit, I received my first offer letter as an internship from one company. I then realized that I needed to apply for another Work Permit with the support of the same company. I came in to a viscous cycle of not knowing where to start, what I should do next and ended […]

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Detailed advice, strong application and also safely renewed my PR card.

November 17, 2016:

Up till this day I have filled in all my application documents and submitted them by myself. On my previous PR card application, I ran into difficulties as it took a long time for my PR card to arrive. This time because I am now living outside of Canada and that I wasn’t too clear […]

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