DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

DIY Online support for your Canada Immigration Application with affordable price

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YuPass Canada’s services are of high quality for a very reasonable price. Yumi has been my savior throughout the whole process and has guided me through every aspect of this difficult process!

With a Co-op Work Permit, I received my first offer letter as an internship from one company. I then realized that I needed to apply for another Work Permit with the support of the same company.

I came in to a viscous cycle of not knowing where to start, what I should do next and ended up doing hours and hours of self-research without knowing where to end.  Although I found many immigration consultants through introduction from others, there were many drawbacks including their expensive fees and lack of mutual communication. After not knowing what to do, I then decided to give YuPass Canada’s services a try.

YuPass Canada’s system of ‘learning to apply yourself” and ‘keeping costs to the minimum” is why I find YuPass Canada to be a very epochal program.  It also shows Yumi’s supportive mind of being willing to support people like us coming to Canada with their dreams.

Yumi was available through various forms of communication online whenever I encountered any problems while I was preparing my documents.

She is supportive of my career goal in Canada and was encouraging in helping me through the difficult process of processing my documents. Yumi has played the role of being the savior throughout this whole process!

I would be delighted to use YuPass Canada’s services again the next time I apply for my Permanent Residence visa.


Yumi Ueda, LLB 【Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant】

埼玉県出身。法学部卒業。2003年カナダに移住。ブリティッシュコロンビア大学(UBC)移民法プログラム修了。カナダの様々な移民コンサルタント・弁護士事務所にて勤務。2007年より、大手法律事務所・Davis LLP(2015年よりDLA Piper LLPに統合)に勤務。2009年、カナダ政府公認移民コンサルンタントの国家試験に合格。2016年に移民コンサルタント事務所、YuPass Canada Immigration Inc.を設立。これまでに個人・企業を含め、世界28か国1,000人以上のビザ取得をサポート。Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants会員。
Originally from Saitama, Japan and immigrated to Canada in 2003. Graduated from the Immigration Practitioner program at University of British Columbia in 2005.  Worked at an immigration division of Davis LLP (integrated to the world’s largest law firm DLA Piper) from 2007 to 2016.  In 2009, passed the national exam of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.   Established YuPass Canada Immigration Inc. in 2016. Has experience with assisting over 1,000 customers from 28 countries. Member of Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants.

You will be assisted in obtaining your visas or permit by an Experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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